RM 1.1 Too many categories in the RM Sidebar

I have a device based RM setup. My RM sidebar nav list on the left includes 10 main manufactures and their devices listed below them. A lot of my categories under those main categories are coming up with 50+ devices. So if i click on a device category in that list it still shows all the sibling devices in that category making the list very long. Since the page loads to the top, if you have something at the bottom it makes it almost unusable. Is it possible to only show the parent and child categories in the RM sidebar with a specific category selected?


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There's no option to do that. It may be possible with a template edit, but I'm not sure -- I think it would likely require custom code modifications.

Alternatively, if you can restructure your categories, that might be feasible. You may be able to use prefixes as well, for example.
Well prefixes wouldn't be an option only because we have custom display fields per category. Manufacturer board - devices - then categories of things to download. The board isn't live yet, as this is the only thing hanging it up. So i can restructure, what did you have in mind? Kind of feels like we need additional types of categories that we can add or something in the RM that's purpose is for display in the RM for larger lists.


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I'd have to see your setup to make any suggestions, but really you know your subject matter so it'd be your call.

The approach is really to aid navigation, but it does assume a relatively small number of categories in total.
Yeah i figured as much, kind of hoping in next couple releases we can choose what to display on that category view for navigation. I do appreciate the input thanks!.