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TOC on Pages


Well-known member
So, I'm trying to create a TOC on my page,

I create the <a name>, and I add the <a href> to the needed text but I can't just leave it just as my a name.

For example if I create a aname called Ch12

<a name="Ch12>Chapter 12</a>

And I create a link with the same a name <a href="#Ch12">Chapter 12</a> when I click the link I'm taken to the forum index. Instead of just #Ch12 I have to add the page link as well (http://example.com/pages/example#Ch12) which makes the page reload to #Ch12 instead of just taking the user down. I don't want the page reloaded and want the toc to work just as how it should (without reloading the page), how can this be done?