XF 2.2 To less alcohol?


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Maybe i need more drugs or alcohol ... there are things inside XF i cant understand without such support. :)

I have a new field xf_thread.lala
I do a dump in a template with {{dump($thread)}} and i have my new field lala with value 123 inside the dump.

then i do {$thread.thread_id} and i can see my thread_id;
then i do {$thread.lala} and i cant see my field lala.

How it is possible that xf_thread.lala can be in my dump, but not in $thread.lala?

Is there any sense, is there any explanation how this could be, please?
Ok, get it!
My entity/thread was not added to class_extensions

very interesting that the dump $var shows all fields,
though $var.field could not be shown in a template when the structure is not used.
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