XF 2.2 Please enter a value with 16 chars or less!


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Nobody can register, because this message comes all the time.
It is like there is another field that is not filled, but there is no field.
Unfortunately this happens maybe since a week or longer. And I have installed a lot of new add-ons.

Is there anything i can do now without these ones here:
  • switch off one add-on after another
  • copy the complete page to wsl and use xdebug
I have mentioned this some time ago; sometimes we get an error message when sending a form like: Missing this or that, but no hint about which field we are talking. Now I have this case again. I get: "hey, insert something, max 16 chars." and I have no idea what is missing now. With a hint like "field x is not ok" i could find the problem; but now i am afraid ... download the whole story and xdebug ... will need me a lot of time. :(
If I dont insert something to my question field I have what I need.
Enter value in field answer!

Why we dont have this for all fields?

The error message now is:

1. Enter value with less than 16 chars
2. Enter value for field answer.
The problem is located and discussed here:

I can not use the Cloudflare app with the option to open register/contact in a pop-up AND use the sentence/answer-captcha at the same time.
But if you don't need a captcha from Cloudflare itself, then it is not needed to use this option for another pop-up.
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