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[tl] Realtime [Paid] 1.0.4

No permission to buy ($31.82)


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I'm probably being stupid but why does it need a third party for this? If it's getting data from your own server?

Does this mean it won't be resource intensive?

Xen is a good developer from the plugins I've used, but his plugin for the same thing ( lots say causes issues so I'd worry about the same here
If you can build your own socket server then doesn’t need third party anymore. Either addon does same thing but difference technical.


The add-on was purchased and installed
its amazing

Now the add-on under trial on my site
Any problem I encounter will be mentioned
But it is suggested that it also apply to profile post
thanks my dear
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This is potentially game-changing for our board.

A question though: if someone is on mobile, typing in the editor and a new post appears, does it then push the editor off the screen?


it should be good to show real time alerts as well , so they dont need to refresh the page in order to see they have a new notifications


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Have anyone tried this addon ?
I dearly want to but the developer seems confused about whether anyone typing in the editor panel in a busy thread would continuously be pushed off the screen. He says no, his video says yes.

If there's a way to make the screen scroll up when in the editor panel, I'm all-in.