XF 1.1 TinyMCE and Tables

Cory Booth

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I'm on a roll this weekend...

I know TinyMCE can support WYSIWYG table entries - as finicky as it might be.
Can I add this back as an option?

I am already aware and have installed BBCode for tables.
That doesn't help my non-bbcode users.

I know tables are now "taboo" but they really are the best method to organize tabular data elements in a forum post.
The table BB code is your only option.

The default TinyMCE editor supports tables, but that is HTML. As you're aware, XenForo doesn't support HTML.

With that in mind, the only way of truly having tables in XenForo is to use a table BB code.

What are "non-bbcode" users? If you're talking about users that don't like using bbcode, well, there's not really any other option.
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