tinychat hacking


Hi everyone,

I was hoping someone can shed some light on this.

On my site we have a tinychat room integrated and it keeps on getting hacked by some creep who is able to login as a Moderator and bans everyone from the room. I've seen something like this on YouTube with people showing off.

The reason for this thread if someone can shed some light how it's done. I've contacted tinychat support countless times, but they either don't reply and when they have (in the distant past) all they have no clue themselves.


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Well, if they have no clue and they're the creators of it, I would use another product, plain and simple.

Are there any alternatives?


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You know when that'll be?

Any other alternatives anyone knows of?
No exact date yet. Probably they will wait until they get a stable, fully functional evolved system and handful of user base. It wont be wise to put efforts on creating API unless product gets enough success (unlike Google Wave - they learned the lesson). But I am sure about it because I have read it in a very popular tech news site, the next day of it's release. They have stated conversation with Vic Gundotra in their article. :)