XF 2.2 Lost all formatting/layout after hacking. How to restore?


Our woodworking forum (v2.2.9) was hacked this weekend. The hosting company did their cleaning and everything is fine, no data lost. The only problem is that Xenforo now displays without any HTML formatting. I'm taking a guess as to what is causing the display (see attached file).

The admin interface appears fully functional but everything is stripped of formatting and left justified. The front-end looks the same way.

I'm hoping someone has seen this before and can point me in the right direction (i.e., files, templates). I am a very new Xenforo admin so I'm not familiar with how it handles layout/etc.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Problem was solved eventually. The hacker had dropped a malicious .htaccess file in the root directory. It essentially denied access to the files needed to render things properly. Once that was removed everything returned to normal.
I would install a new 2.2.13 forum on a subdirectory eg /forum2 then migrate the old forum to forum2 and delete all files in the root.
Then I would install a new forum in the root and migrate from forum2.
This way you are sure that you no longer have any hidden malicious files...
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