XF 2.2 Time Stamp Is Off By 4 Hours


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Disregard the wording of the error line... I am focusing on the time stamp of this log.

The log was stamped at 4:54 am, but my current time (at the time of the log creation) was 12:54 am.

My time zone is the US Eastern time zone, which currently is a 4-hour difference from the UTC Time zone.
My time zone of US Eastern is already done in the AdminCP settings.

Is there any way that I can have the logs time-stamped to my local time zone?



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Are far as I know all things like logging, cron jobs, scheduled posts, etc. all are currently hard coded to GMT/UTC.

There is a already a suggestion for adding the ability for admins to set the local timezone here:

Someone may have an idea of a work around for you, but I believe adding the ability for the admin to set the local timezone (as in the suggestion above) is probably what you want also.


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Just setup your timezone in user details? I don’t have problem like this, I see all log entries in my local time (GMT+4).

No, that doesn't work. That's only for users to adjust their accounts to their own timezone.

This has to do with the AdminCP logs that Admins review. It's a different situation.


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What’s wrong here with timestamps? I don’t see any issues. All time is correct.
Noted error logs displays correctly too.


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I re-read and i don't understand your problem.

XF uses GMT/UTC as primary format for storing all datetimes. This can be checked with simple changing timezone.
This screenshot i created with GMT+4:

Then i changed in preferences timezone to GMT+3:

On screenshot you can see another issue with displaying datetime, i already reported them, but it looks like another issue related with same problem.