Server issue File modified date using CLI build-release is off by one hour

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Looks like the CLI build-release script has a bug dealing with PST PDT times. Currently the files created are off by one hour. So for example I would expect the time of a newly created file to be 6:26 PM when I view the Modified date in Dreamweaver it shows 7:26 PM.

Chris D

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The release builder simply uses the ZipArchive class and its underlying libzip library so we have zero control over what the date/time stamps are output as here.

I've done various tests and the only way I can get it to output a different time is if I physically change the timezone/time in the OS... in which case that would be totally expected.

I've changed various settings within PHP to try and trigger this, including overriding the default timezone and nothing seems to trigger it.

At this stage, the best we can think of is that it's a behaviour in your OS or PHP setup or a bug in PHP or libzip. Either way, there's nothing we can do to impact the what metadata is written by these components to the release file.