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Hey @Yugensoft

Shouldn't members be sorted by most time spent online? (in the members/?key=most_tso page)

Because I can see that they're not.
Are their time online values close though? Member statistics are cached, so there is some lag between the "true time spent online" and the member stats list version.


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@Yugensoft fixed the Style properties, I will net you about error log after new user registration.

  • Promotions. Can be used as a promotion criteria.
  • Trophies. Can be used to award trophies.
I have not find out user criteria functionality.


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I got a message (I assume deleted now) regarding time format and any more updates.

Updates: it's now stable, so no more are expected in near future.

Time format: fully customizable as per Settings instructions.


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@Yugensoft any update please? Only Trophies for seconds, not by day or hours?


User has spent at least X hours online
User has spent at least X day online