[WMTech] Time Spent Online

[WMTech] Time Spent Online 2.0.2

No permission to buy ($19.00)
Bug Fix & New Feature Release

This upgrade is recommended for all customers.


FIX: Fixed bug with phrases
FIX: Cleaned some code
FIX: Removed unused orphaned template
FIX: Removed unnecessary controller extension
FIX: Added default permissions to setup routine

What's New?
  • Added 2 new permissions (View Only Own TSO, Bypass TSO Privacy)
  • Rephrased some phrases to better understand the time values
  • Member who hide their TSO, won't be seen in member stats list at all
  • Member who hide their TSO from others can still see their own TSO.
Please setup the new permissions as needed after the upgrade!
  • Improved Setup Class to better handle preinstalled Yugensoft product
  • Added Routine for upgrade of XF 1 product
If you have installed our product already there is no need to upgrade.
Initial Release from WMTech

New Add-On ID, Updated for XF 2.1.x
Fix regarding possible 3rd party addon interaction
Added forum statistics aggregate.
Added to member tooltip.
Fixed: ordering bug, criteria not showing, session timeout bug.
Improved time formatting customizability.
Transferred over user criteria functionality.
Fixed unsigned int bug.
Added message user info option.
Added t.s.o hide permission.
Added global show in profile option.
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