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XF 1.5 Time problem


Well-known member
Ok, this does not seem to be a server time problem since my vb sites on this server show the correct time.

But..... On my 2 XF installations, there seems to be some kind of time problem. The posts have the correct time, but things like stats and what not seem to be off.

For example. This is stats at 8:30pm on Dec 31 --- Notice its already showing data for the 1st?


What drew my attention to this is the Top Posters of the month mod flipped to a new month about 5 hours early.

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
I have a feeling you are going to find that for some reason they are UTC based. I don't remember exactly the what/why, but the CRON's run based on UTC and not local/server time (if I remember correctly and if that hasn't been changed).