Thumbs up! XenForo rocks


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I have bought two XenForo licenses and I'm extremelly happy with this masterpiece of software, congratulations to Ashley, Mike and Kier, and thank you to all people helping here.

This is the real deal. I plan to buy more licenses in the future and recommend it to anyone who wants to run a community.
Totally agree. Bought my licence as soon as the beta was released, installed it tonight and have been playing around with it. It's just fantastic, feels good, easy to operate and change the look to suit my needs. Next experiment is to import the data from my live forum and see how that goes but, as things stand, Xenforo looks to be a fantastic piece of work.


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xF is indeed damn sexy.

Forum posting has never been that funny and intuitive. xF brought back the real forum feeling. Thx! :)