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XF 1.4 Thumbnail problems


Well-known member
Ever since I moved from GD to Imagemagick so I could use a particular plugin I have been having issues with thumbnails. I am using the following plugins that could be causing problems or conflicting but I think it could also do with Imagemagick:

The problem I'm having is that thumbnails are not being generated. Instead, text is being displayed - "view attachment ...." - here's an example:

I just found out it is also affecting the photo uploads in my Showcase plugin as well:

I've also run into issues rebuilding attachment thumbnails in Tools. I get time out errors and it ends up taking a LONG time to rebuild all 230k+ attachments. Last time I ran it though it fixed some of the attachment thumbnails, but apparently not all of them.

Any idea what I might do to fix this?


XenForo developer
Staff member
I'd start by disabling add-ons and trying to upload an image you know should thumbnail correctly. If it doesn't work, flip back to GD and confirm it does work. If it does, it's an issue with the Imagick extension/ImageMagick library. We've seen various issues with it now so I'd probably just stick with GD if possible. The only real changes you could do involve changing Imagick/ImageMagick versions (which likely requires directly compilation of the PECL extension).