XF 2.2 Three problems with weird Google indexing


Hello there,

I would like to ask three questions about Google and if someone kind could tell me if I'm doing anything wrong in the XF admin.

1. Google seems to doesn't use my board meta description

When I search for for my site with prefix "site:", Google shows correct meta description, but when I search normally for name of the website, homepage result is with footer text as meta description. I can't understand why Google ignores my meta description while it's showing me it knows about it. Can I push it to Google in any of options in admin?

2. It also wrongly show "-" instead of "|" between thread title and board name

Again, I'm confused by this... I really need EVERY page to look like "Dota 2" below, as you can see, under Dota 2 category there is football match preview and it's so ugly. Team - Team - Site - Description is really bad for eyes. Am I missing something in the board options? Couldn't find it... unfortunately.


3. Forum "Esports" is indexed without the name "Esports"


I apologize for questions related more to google than Xenforo, but I really have feeling that I could help it somewhere in admin. It's 4 months old website.
Thank you,
Google Search team have mentioned it multiple times that Google decides what to show for meta data based on what it thinks is the best result for the search user.

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