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After being online for more than a couple of years now, I still see on my search console that there are a lot of not indexed pages/threads.

I have 358 non indexed pages, and besides I keep pressing the validating button, there's no chance to make Google to index it.

The URL Checking says "No referral sitemap detected" on these threads, but this is not true, since I have checked and the sitemap is listing all of them.

This is really annoying because there is a lot of quality content which is being completely ignored by search results.

How can I break this issue down and force indexing of the whole site? (except private pages and sections, of course)

Is it a huge site or a small one?

It's still quite a small site, with roughly 500 threads

Did you try to remove the sitemap, regenerate and then resubmit in the GSC?

Nope. I've only tried the validate button multiple times, without success...

Are these pages decent in terms of content?

Sure, it's a lot of useful and well explained content for my community

I see no reason not to index it!

The message I get on these URLs is like "Crawled but not indexed"
Should be here

Thanks for the hint, I'll have a look tomorrow :)

Welcome to User Generated Content.

If google thinks it’s too low of quality, it won’t get indexed.

Well... It's actually a lot of threads written by admins while considering all the info's that the user might want for answering their query on those specific topics... 😞
Amp is worthless these days.

Also, keep in mind it can take weeks, even months to get indexed these days.

Try to set up some good internal linking and get some back links to point to your content.. That will help with indexing.

Also, I often have some really helpful related articles written and I add them to posts. That helps too.
Might these referral pages be the issue?


I see it's both broken URL, the first one can't be found while the second one is on server error...

I didn't find any referral page on other URLs by the way.
I've never seen them index entire sites, unless it has just a handful of pages.

As well, it does not matter one iota what a site operator considers "decent" or "good" content. Google determines this, not the biased site owner. If your site doesn't have established "authority" on a topic, as determined by Google - then don't expect them to treat the site any different from hundreds or thousands of sites doing the same thing you are.
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