Not a bug Thread views counter failing

I have noticed in many threads around all the forums here that sometimes the thread views counter for some threads is reporting a non reliable number compared to other similar threads. For example:

Possible new post notice bug
Posted: Nov 2, 2013
Views: 8,378

Quick search box contains 'Search this forum only' tickbox in categories
Posted: Nov 5, 2013
Views: 3,470

xf_user_news_feed_cache contains invalid data when an add-on is disabled.
Posted: Nov 11, 2013
Views: 1,012

If you're going to say that this is due to a search spider then please improve the way in how you handle the number of views that a spider can generate in a thread.


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Maybe it's a spider, maybe it's just a more interesting thread to visitors, maybe it's come up on search engine results. Any view counts. This is very unlikely to ever change.