Duplicate Thread view on mobile not working right on XF 1.5.12


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I'm trying to figure out some weird actions when viewing a thread (thread_view) for days now. It happens only to logged in users and when you're on thread_view.

In thread_view I can slide left/right my whole forum:


First I thought I put some wrong css or something on my live forums, but now I've upgraded my test forum from version 1.5.4 to 1.5.12 and this starts to act like in above gif also in this clean test forum (note: on version 1.5.4 it was all ok, but right after upgrading it starts to act like this).

Also if I change in Chrome from iPhone 5 (like in above gif) to any other device it it ok, but the problem is it happens also on my Android.

Not sure if this is a bug, but I really can't figure out anything more about this.

Help is welcome.

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No, but I started to look for help after I saw that on version 1.5.4 it was working fine on my test forum, but only after upgrade to 1.5.12 this happens. Totally lost here...