XF 1.1 Thread Prefixes

An eagerly-awaited feature for XenForo 1.1, here is a first look at the new thread prefixes system, with a special guest appearance!



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Oh wow, we finally get Mike in videos!

Very nice when it comes to styling of prefixes too, and the ACP search I'm already in love with. I think XenForo is zoo amazing too. :LOL:

Can't wait to play with this, great job guys! (y)

Edit: Darn you ibnesayeed, I was close! I just had to watch it first of course. :p


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I liked the idea of predefined styles. Options to choose or change prefixes are lovely.

Video was way too short though. Don't complain about bandwidth usage, if I watch it again and again. :)


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This was the HYS video I was looking forward to, and I'm not disappointed! :) Very intrigued by the fact that the thread prefixes are simply customizable via CSS, and it sparked an idea on how to customize them nicely for use on my own forum. Great work as always, and good to hear Mike as well, haha! :)

The only issue: now I'm too (or would that be "zoo?" :p) excited for 1.1 to release so I can use all of the shiny new features!


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