Thread Prefixes to Replace Low Participated Categories?


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I am planning to reduce the amount of categories in one of my forums. So any categories that have less than 1000 threads will be converted to prefix and included in one bigger category. I want to take advantage of the thread prefixe feature to use them for the thread in those low participated categories, for example:

I have a category for Life style the subcategory is Food receipt. I want to create a thread prefix for Food receipt and transfer those thread into the Life style forum.​

I also have 3 different media related forums one for photo, videos, and music. Why not make them as one media forum!​

This is because no one really posts in those subcategories. And the large amount of categories always confuses members, but I have several questions?

  1. Is it a good decision to use prefixes to accomplish that? Is it the best approach
  2. If yes? Is there any other way to accomplish this task without manually adding prefix form every page of the category?
I will greatly welcome any advices and/or opinion, Thank You

Note: Because there are many categories in xenforo I don't where to post this thread. To moderate, Please transfer this thread to the appropriate place.


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UPDATE xf_thread
SET prefix_id = 1
WHERE node_id = 29;
You need to specify the prefix_id and node_id.
and this is for threads

Run this query on your database:

UPDATE xf_thread
SET node_id = 5
WHERE node_id = 2
5 being the destination, 2 being the source.

Then rebuild your forum info:

Admin CP -> Tools -> Rebuild Caches
Thank u so much for the great help