XF 1.5 Thread Prefixes and the filter option


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On this page, if I were just looking for questions and answers on 1.5, it's a piece of cake to prune ou those dealing with different versions by simply clicking on the 1.5 prefix.

One problem I've had is when I click on the thread prefix to filter out other threads, open one to read, if I were to post I can't go back to the original, filtered 1.5 threads.

If I don't post, I can always use the back button but can't use something akin to those links in the breadbox on this page.

Are there controls in the ACP I've missed?

Is it possible to built in a link ... maybe on the thread prefix area/image shown within this thread ... that takes one back to the original, filtered forum?
There isn't a link from this thread to that specific list, no. You'd have to use the back button (which should still work, but you need to go an extra step or two).
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