XF 1.1 Thread Prefix Management and Groups


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Come on guys ( Yavuz & Saeed ) .. Commenting through half way of the video? :p
Anyway.. The prefix system looks easy to manage Via ACP, (y)

Edited : Can't wait for the HYS video of the warning system, :D


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*I know this was posted somewhere else but seemed to fit good here! Just messing with your Kier! :p


Excellent feature as always. Can not wait to get this only my 5 XenForo Sites!@


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I love it, but here is my suggestion and I don't think I've seen it yet. Is there a way to specifically set the default prefix for all new threads in a particular forum. So if I want all new threads in my "Applications" forum to have the default prefix of "Pending", can I do that?
At the time that you asked, no, it couldn't.

Now though...

Screen Shot 2011-09-30 at 18.05.15.png

Total time to implement? Seven minutes.