Add-on Thread icons with vB3/vB4 importer


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I did not find an appropriate addon while seaching, can't believe that:

Is there any existing addon which allows "thread icons" at the beginning of the thread title in the forums listing and in within the thread pages at the thread title?

Just the same way, as vB 3.x/4.x does. My users are used to smilies, question or exclamation marks, flags a.s.o. to give some categorisation for the threads. Its allowed to not set an icon when starting a thread.

I do not mean "unread/new posts" or "hot/flame" icos - for this I've found some hints while searching.

The addon should bring an importer or hints how to import existing threads/icons when doing the one time migration of my vB community with the XF core vB4 importer.

Thanks in advance for any hint.


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Thank you both - an now I see, I've found that addon in August already but somehow I put it aside. Will try to remember, what was not ok. Thank you!


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Just bringing up this thread again:
Is there now an addon, which adds thread icons (and imports them from vB3)? I didn't find anything and *******'s old addon is deleted... Any hint is appreciated!