XF 1.2 Thread Guest reCapcha not working well


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I have a part in my forum where Guest can post.
reCaptcha is activated, also all Spam Protection i can get with the Xenforo System but it doesn´t really help to prevent Spam.
I get 10 - 15 Posts every day.
What else can i do to get rid of the Spammers in the "Guest Section"?


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You can look at an alternative CAPTCHA method (Q&A or a third-party one). You may also want to look into using Akismet.


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Hello Mike, i already activated Akismet, aswell as all other Spam protections you´re giving away with Xenforo.
Is it possible to use reCaptcha and Q&A together in any way? That might help, but can´t find any option to activate both