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Fb Like not working in RSS Feed posted Thread by guest



It looks like as if that "Error" just happens in only one Thread and because i am not sure if its a Xenforo Error i am posting it here.

I have added a Registered Feed and get it posted "as guest, use name information from feed data".

The relevant Thread can be found here -I just checked a few more Threads but it looks like as if the error just happens in this thread. The share_page Template is not modified just the position is different. Also with original position this happens



XenForo developer
Staff member
I have to say I'm really not sure why that would happen on one particular URL. There's nothing jumping out about it compared to others in that forum.

Was the thread moderated or deleted at any point? It's possible that FB was unable to access the thread and has cached that result on their side. It would resolve itself over time.


I cant say if its possible that they did not get access at any time to this Thread.
The Thread itself was open all the Time, not moderated nor deleted.... Its quit confusing me because its just this one Thread?!
Well. I will watch this if there are more then this. Thanks so far for your attention on this. If you find out what this causes, please let me know.