3 different ERROR pages using Sirupo 404 but it is not working well!


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Hi, I have the following problem.

I'm using your free plugin, custom 404 error page - I realize it's free and there is probably no one willing to offer support, but I'm willing to pay you $100 or more if you can help me with my problem.

My problem is that a few years ago, I EDITED a page, which I do not know what it is today, so it always spits out the same 404 error page with the title -

Oops! We ran into some problems.​

When I install the ADDON mentioned above, it makes no difference. I want to have a 404 page for such errors and, very importantly, a page for when people are BANNED, and thus no longer have access to the site, as well as for pages where it should show ACCESS DENIED because of permission.

Can you help with that ?
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