As designed Thread description hover goes off page


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I noticed that when you mouse over a thread to view the description in firefox 3.6.3, the box always appears above the thread. However for threads near or at the top of the screen this puts the description box completely off the screen. Perhaps it should realize the box isn't going to fit above the thread title and pop up below the thread instead.

Vladislav Rastrusny

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Agree. I experience this problem too. It's a bit irritating because you have to scroll page up a little and then summon tooltip again. I have tested this on latest stable Google Chrome - the same problem.


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There are technical issues that make this very challenging (namely the dynamic loading). Additionally, I'm not sure if putting it at the bottom is helpful because of navigation flow issues (reading the next thread). So partially can't fix, partially as designed.


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It looks wonderful to me as it works now.

I understand in a perfect world it would operate slightly differently, but it is a really minor point for me. Thank you for the preview!!! :)