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Hi Guys,
I've recently switched from IPB to xenforo and everything seems to be fine except for one thing. Alot of my forum members want the description section of the thread to come back. Prefix doesn't seem to do the job as there are things they have to put in that preview section of the threads listing.

I was searching for a solution on the support forum and the closest I came was I found this resources.

That modification did work on my forum but it made it looked like a mess basically. I was wondering if there is anyway or if there is any mod (can't seem to find any) that can come close to looking like the descriptions for the Resources tab. I've attached a screenshot for what I mean.



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Chris D

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This isn't exactly what you want but it's sort of half way...

This allows users to add a meta description. Theoretically if that is stored in the database then displaying the description elsewhere, such as in the thread list, may only be a template edit away.

I can't say I've ever come across any similar requests or add ons that do a similar thing. Therefore it may be something you either expand on from this add on or contact a developer to have it custom developed.