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Thread creation from RSS feeds


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My members used to love this mod when we ran on vbulletin, however thats the only forum it seems to be available on. Was just wondering whether anyone would have any interest in creating something similar.

It would allow you to show a page which would have events from the RSS feed. Members could then click on "Create Thread" and a thread would be created allowing people to talk about that item.

Heres the VB description.

It dosent make it overly clear, so Ive added screenshots a a better description a couple of posts down :)


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No, i will post some screenshots when i get in from work later.

Basically its a page showing rss feeds from a chosen location. Next to the feed is a 'create thread' button that creates a thread in the forum of your choice.


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Hi ragtek,

Sorry about the delay! Had to install this mod on a test vb installation to take the screenshots!


You have the list of admin added RSS feeds on the left hand side, and on the right you have the current feed being displayed along with a "Talk About It" button. Clicking the title will open up a new window taking you to the actual story. Clickin the "Talk About It" button will add a thread to an admin defined forum.


Above you can see an example of what is created when I clicked on "Talk About It" for the first news article.


Once a thread has been created, anyone else viewing the RSS feed will now see a "Join Talk" button instead. When click it will take the user to the already created thread.

I really do hope someone would consider making an add-on similar to this. If someone does consider this, I can post you more details about the options in the vb version.


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Another quick question! If you are a developer looking at this thread, but you dont have the time or an interest in creating such a mod, can I ask a quick question?

How easy/difficult would such a mod be to create? Im guessing that part of that would depend on the knowledge of the coder, but for a beginneer just starting out and reading tutorials - Would this be an ambitious first mod to create?