Lack of interest Allow Search Forums to have direct thread creation as an optional setting

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Would it be possible to allow direct thread creation, and those results are mixed with the search results to appear as one cohesive forum? For all intents and purposes, search forums are regular forums since users see them that way. So I am anticipating confusion with my use case, and not being able to create threads.

Use case: So I have a [video] prefix that users use in various forums. If I create a SF called Videos, it can show all the videos from all the various forums. Great! But users are going to ask why they can't post videos. This is why I have not implemented the SF just yet. So I figured I'd add this suggestion as an optional setting.

I am aware this may cause more users to post them directly, but that would be okay. I know a lot of users will still seek out the forum that suits their issue best, as a lot of times the videos are supplemental to the issue. And the "video only" type posts would post directly, which is even better.

Y/N Allow thread creation?

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tbh, search forums do show new thread button which opens the overlay showing all the forums on the board. the same behavior as on the homepage of the forum.
a better option could be to pick a default forum for individual search forums. or maybe select a few nodes for each sf that appear in this overlay when new thread button is pressed to show a refined list.
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