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I've done a new install of 2.2.10 Patch 1. There are NO add ons or third party plugins installed. Users, the forum admin or standard registered user are unable to post/type in a thread. Here's what it looks like. Note the standard TEXT tools are missing. I've looked everywhere. What am I missing?

As a followup to Cloudflare. The board resides on a subdomain, and Cloudflare does not appear in the control panel. The main domain has CloudFlare active (Dreamhost) and it appears in the control panel.
As Brogan showed, you have some server level issues that need to be resolved. If that sub-domain is going through CloudFlare, you need to put it in development mode as well as pause CloudFlare on the site.

Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 10.01.50 PM.png

Until you can get those resolved, it's useless trying to trouble shoot the issue as that is most likely the cause of it. You need to submit a ticket to DreamHost and see if they can assist since it's their hardware/configs.
CloudFlare- OFF. RocketLoader was not enabled. RailGun disabled.

I'm debating deleting the entire thing and starting from scratch.

DreamHost doesn't appear to know:

Pretty sure it's going to be an issue with the site creation, which is on their end.
You may be best off deleting the sub-domain and the directory created, and then starting again from scratch. Be sure that you are at least on PHP 7.4 (8.0 is better). In fact, once you create the site in your control panel, run the test script for XF and see if it shows any issues.
It looks like trashing the install is the answer . . . ffs

It's running PHP 7.4
Depending on how you uploaded the files, one could have been corrupted and caused the issue.
Since you had not done a lot to the site as far as I could see related to styling or node creation, a fresh install would probably be the quickest route to ascertain if that is what happened.
I have seen in the past that certain FTP programs failed to fully/correctly upload a file and it caused weird errors. You could also try uploading the "upgrade" version and see if that rectifies it. If you do that, you will need to go to yourdomain.com/install and run the upgrade process. Should not hurt anything.
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