Thoughts on the new Gmail Design?


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I just checked it out today. I'm not really liking it. Doesn't seem to be much contrast and I find my eyes wondering around looking for things instead of focusing on the content.


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Yea, it also feels heavier, gmail always felt snappy and quick, this new design feels slow and clunky.

Sadik B

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Well, i really don't see why they had to change the old interface. That said, I don't really mind either way. It looks just fine. I actually think they didn't get this whole Google plus look right. It just doesn't look "slick" like XF here does...


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Here's a screen shot for those who are unable to see it yet. I know it's not much since I had to remove so much personal data...but should give you a general idea:


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You do know that they have rolled out new themes, as well as some with HD imagery too. They are still working on some of the themes yet though.

For a list of all that has changed, visit About Gmail's new look.

Personally, I like the change, though it is going to need a bit of getting used to on my part. For me, the new Google Reader look is a breath of fresh air indeed. (y)

P.S. They are still rolling out the new look. For those who haven't yet got it, a link at the bottom right will show as "Switch to New Look".


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I rely heavily on Gmail to handle around 5 email accounts, categorise posts with labels, and star them re priority to handle - not to mention even I am using only a third of the huge storage.

I have no new design nor any link at bottom offering it.
I do use a gmail green theme maybe that's why.

I wish they did folders in addition to their excellent searches.
I have to set all my business mail to Archive, Label it with a message rule, then use the priority desktop function to display it bottom of the stack all together. All so my business stuff doesn't mix with my personal, webdesign and community mails when I'm off duty and don't want to be pestered by demanding clients after hours. Sheesh workaround.
Would be so much simpler to direct all on that email account into a folder I can check when I want to.


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Now that I've been playing around with it this morning...I'm starting to like it more. I still think it needs a bit more contrast, but it's starting to grow on me now.