Thoughts on moving existing threads into the Resource Manager


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Im trying to gauge how feasible it would be to write a converter to batch insert over 100 threads with multiple image attachments into the XenForo Resource Manager. Ive only played with the demo, so I dont know how complex the RM is behind the scenes.

The RM categories would be setup prior to the conversion and the threads are in a single node.

I assume creating the RM entry in the database would not be that difficult with many of the first post fields being inserted directly into the RM table. I also assume there are some additional serialized fields that probably would need to be inserted as well.

What about the attachments? Would I have to do something special with them (eg move them into the RM) or will they continue to work with the existing Xenforo framework?

Would any other tables need to be updated (ie cache)?

After the conversion, I assume that if setup some resource trophies and run the trophy cron, trophies will be awarded.