Things not to say

Adam Howard

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Things not to say an Administrator.

Thought this would be a fun topic. What would be the worse thing or funnest thing an Administrator could say to his or her users?

I'll start....

"Can you all please start sending each other PM's? I'm running out of things to read."

Adam Howard

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"So we're getting close to our 100,000th post and some of you have been asking if we're going to do anything special. I've thought long and hard on this, and I've decided that the person who makes the 100,000th post will inherit the forum. Good luck!"

^^ Someone actually posted that


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All off-topic and political forum sections are now deleted.....


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  1. "You're doing it wrong."
  2. "It's your browser."
  3. Ditto 2 and add, "it's crap, change it."
  4. "Apologies, it appears you're a newb; thus we cannot code around that."
  5. "Find the power button for your computer, switch it off and...oh hang on a sec..." (*run and hide*).

Adam Howard

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"Hello everyone, I know you all have been complaining about X user for sometime. His / her comments have been described as rude, ignorant, selfish, and sometimes just cruel. And while I sympathize that many if you wish X user would be banned.... However, I'm still using that particular AE (alter ego) for my enjoyment."

a legacy reborn

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If I don't get what I want I'm going to remove my avatar, greyscale the site and finally put it in archive mode. :)
Is that a reference to someone? It seems like I know someone who did that...

Now for my contribution to this thread: "I know you have 1000x as many posts as anyone else on this site and that you are truly devoted to the community but my friend just joined and I like him more so I think he should be the new mod. Maybe next time!"