XF 1.5 There was a problem uploading your file

Since last week my forum's users have reported the following error occurring when attempting to upload a file (after the upload status goes to 100%): Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 22.29.09.png

The only change I have made to my site since last week is to install a NinjaFirewall plugin to my wordpress directory (my landing page is wordpress, my xenforo installation is /community). Could the firewall installation be interfering somehow with the xenforo upload function? In the Firewall, I've selected " Block any access to the WordPress XML-RPC API"


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Do uploads work again if you disable the firewall?

Disabling the Flash uploader in your preferences and enabling the browser console may show the error when the upload fails.
I've just tried disabling the firewall, and uploads indeed work again.

I just tried reactivating the firewall, but switching the flash uploader off in Xenforo, and it appears to still be working. So, the firewall seems to be interfering with the flash uploader.