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XF 1.2 There was a problem uploading your file. Error


Well-known member
My Maximum Attachment File Size (KB) = 2048

When I use Flash Uploader, I got this error:

When I disable the Flash Uploader, I got this:

I read a lot of similar threads here, but didn't help.
I'm on Nginx server, without GUI Control panel (Centmin Mod)

Anybody already experience this kind of error?


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Mysql Settings:
max_allowed_packet = 32M

And the error display just after you hot the button upload/open.
No uploading progress is shown.

But I can upload images below 1mb.


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Our host set that to 10MB and now I can upload fine on our live site but on our test site it's still giving that error.

As our test site was just a copy of our live site on the same server I can't think of any reason why they'd differ?

Any ideas?