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Themesinc.com New Lucent "light" skin released!


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Hi everybody, we have seen a lot of requests for a light skin and I'm very happy to announce that our first light skin is out and ready for purchase ;)

All of the info. can be found here and all of our skins will run off of and include our custom framework.

** UPDATE (6-25-11): Second lighter version included free **
This skin is now included free as a second lighter option when you purchase the Lucent skin! :D

Here are the live demo links for V2 updated version:
Lucent 2 fixed width
Lucent 2 fluid width

V2: Front page:


V2: Profile page:
Screen shot 2011-06-25 at 11.06.21 PM.png

V2 Postbit page:
Screen shot 2011-06-25 at 11.07.17 PM.png

Version 1: Live Demo links:
Fixed width version:
Fluid version:

Here are a couple of screen shots of the Lucent skin:

V1 Front page:


V1 Drop downs:

V1 Postbit area:

Please feel free to fully explore the skin and play with all the custom XenoMorph framework options (especially the Infinity colors) ;)

And once again I truly want to thank the entire xenForo team for giving us all an extremely well done forum platform to use!!!

That's it, Enjoy!


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Looks nice, but it still doesnt have that professional feel to it. But you guys did a great job(y)


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Looks nice, but it still doesnt have that professional feel to it. But you guys did a great job(y)
I take that back, just tried it out on the themesinc site and its so much better actually trying it out then looking at it in a screenshot, good job (y)


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agree for a light skin this looks too dark, and using way too much shaddows on the borders as it doesnt really fit with the dark blue you went there. Also expected professional skins but well so far dissapointed :(


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Really love your other work but I'm afraid I agree with the negative comments above, not that keen on this one.

It's too dark and would have prefered it more minimalistic, especially the shawdowing on the forum block headers and the main nav bar.

Still looking forward to what else you can produce :)


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Nice to see a light(er) skin from you guys but I'm afraid it's not for me either...

The area around the avatar in postbit's is way too bold and as was mentioned above, the gradients are too heavy. I feel it moves too far away from the simplicity that xF is built around.

Looking forward to more!


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I have xenfracture and resurgent skins and I love them. Resurgent is my personal favorite.

But there is something wrong with this one. I don't like it.


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I don't know if I speak for everyone who wanted a light skin. This is not a light skin. Light meant less images and lighter color combinations. I tried changing the color of category bars just to see if I can pull the 'glitz' off the skin, no joy.

Its a good skin nevertheless, just not the light I expected.

You know what would make a great light skin as far as I am concerned. One which can be made from scratch but without touching Photoshop (or any image editing software). Pure CSS with just post icons.


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Everyone have different understanding of "light". My favorite light is Xenique, Social and xenforo default.