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TheCollectiveMind Spoiler BBCode 1.1.1

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TheCollectiveMind Spoiler BBCode - Simpile Spoiler BBCode

This is a Spoiler BBCode which utilities the basic styles in the default XenForo theme.

The plugin will add a new button on the bottom row that will insert a SPOILER tag. You can even nest multiple SPOILER tags in each other.

In addition a user preference is included that well let users determine if they want all SPOILER tags to load show or not.

I welcome any feedback or feature requests.

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Tried it, it didnt work in either xenforo style or our adapted one. It added the check box in profile preferences but nothing on the text editor
I'm sorry you're having trouble. Could you let me know a little more about your installation so I might be able to try and fix the issue? What version of XenForo are you using?
We are on 1.2.
In the end i combined your change with the bb codes and buttons manager for a fix.
Their one does the button and some of the code, yours seems to fill in the blanks.
Happy to let you in to the admin if you wish
That would be the issue. At the time of the plugin writing 1.2 had not been put out in beta yet. I will be publishing an 1.2 update as soon as it is out of beta.
Yeah i rolled it back to the 1.1.5 and we had the same issue, as i say i ended up building the button and doing the html via bbcodes and button manager and letting your one do the code for the tag
Not currently. It looks like the first RC was made available today. I will start working on getting it upgraded for 1.2 tonight.

I will see if I can find any problems installing on a fresh 1.1.5 tonight.
Appreciate your help, it appears that the bodge to get it working is slowing server reaction for my forum
Appreciate your help, it appears that the bodge to get it working is slowing server reaction for my forum
In 1.1.5 can you answer the following:
  • Does the button show up in the editor?
  • If you manually put in the spoiler tags () does it render the frame in your post?
  • Are you receiving any JavaScript errors?
So what it sounds like is that the JS isn't getting included. This is done with the old template hook system which 1.2 gets rid of.

If you are still at 1.1.5 and half my addon installed could you go to a thread and send me the page source in a PM. I want to check if my string replacements are working correctly.
So I figured out why things were not working in general. When I was making the package I left out some files. So sorry. I'm working on getting them all fixed up with my 1.2 work.
Thanks for the work.
I disabled the workaround by disabling the 2 addons that were doing it.
My spoiler button disappeared as expected.
I installed your addon
I get the option in user preference to show spoilers by default
Still no button
So I enabled button manager again and my spoiler button is back as before but obviously using your script because the way the spoiler shows is different to before.
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