the xenForo mobile app created by xenForo, when ?


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Hi ! i plan to purchase a forum software,
i appreciate xenforo but vbulletin has a native mobile app created by vbulletin with licence for life,
so i really hesitate.. :rolleyes::unsure::cry:

thank you to give satisfying information about the title question..
just wait for the moment when someone will try low coding :)


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So are mine, and they are very happy with xenForo

So on ios for instance they happily use the app called Safari
Ditto. Just put a shortcut to the site on the desktop (at least in Android) and you've got one tap access, same as you would with an app. I have not had a single user wonder if there should be an app. What would be the benefit over just putting the site on desktop?


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The benefit is that everyone is using the app stores. It means you can reach potentially millions of users who surf the app store.

Today many people don't have a desktop/laptop pcs anymore. They only use their smartphones. And they are used to have an app for everything, like for everything! Not being there means you are basically non-existing at this point for many people.


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The problem with the web is:
People visit 100 pages every day.
They have to remember to go to your website.
It’s a beauty pageant when they visit your website and people expect better websites.
Now try to remember which website that you visited in the last 10 days, you visited again today.

The benefit with apps and the push notifications they offer is that people are like:
"Give me important news that I want to share."
Apps lets them do that and on top of that it brings the user into your ecosystem and locks them in the experience. It's much easier to engage a person who has your app installed vs a random user who you know nothing about and you have no way to contact them either.

My 2 cents.


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just wait for the moment when someone will try low coding :)
I heard a lot about low-coding, but I haven't heard nothing relevant about this, any suggestions or articles about. But this type of coding environment was really interesting for me, and I was trying to find out as much information as I can about that type of app development. I was wondering if it could make any app development easier, it was really interesting for me. So after all, I am going to try this is a low-code environment with a modern stack( Angular 7). I think, this is a new step in app development and it could make our programmer lives easier. I will keep in touch with some updated on the information
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IPS has one now....

Maybe it is time to rethink the strategy and offer an app for Xenforo too?


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That'll be a big selling point for IPS if it's any good. A quick play with it just now and the UI seems promising.

Couldn’t figure out how to make a thread or post though. Perhaps it’s a permission issue with my IPS account



















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I feel these 2 reasons are why apps may never be a great option for a majority of communities.

Will my plugins work in the app?
Probably not. We're intentionally building the app to work with standard Invision Community features and apps right now. If your plugins add new UI elements or change the functions that users interact with it's likely they will not work with the app.

What about themes?
Themes won't work in the app because the app doesn't use HTML. However, some branding/customization will be available via the AdminCP, and we may expand upon this in future.
So you gain notifications but lose possibly vital functions of your site along with the look and feel. While notifications are nice on some site they are bothersome on others.

I do like the one app approach but it’ll be a long time before it’s feasible for many who depend on ads.


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I feel these 2 reasons are why apps may never be a great option for a majority of communities.
I think the majority of the communities won't care if the forum is the main part of that community.

Get native threads and messaging and most people will be happy. Jump over the browser if your that desperate to use add ons.

Or add a setting in the app to redirect notification links out of the app and into the browser instead like pushover. Then you get the best of both worlds with no compromise.

I do like the one app approach but it’ll be a long time before it’s feasible for many who depend on ads.
Won't they just integrate some kind of ad placements in the app that admins can use, just like on the web?


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Why can't the app act like the responsive design way?

The key is to have an app in the store + getting notifications from it. The look and feel can exactly be like the responsive design mode we have now. This means all addons will work, too.