the xenForo mobile app created by xenForo, when ?


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Hi ! i plan to purchase a forum software,
i appreciate xenforo but vbulletin has a native mobile app created by vbulletin with licence for life,
so i really hesitate.. :rolleyes::unsure::cry:

thank you to give satisfying information about the title question..


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Do apps really offer much more than a decent mobile friendly theme?
For me, it's more for push notifications I'd love to have... the instant content. Keep people on and coming back.
I have an idea, maybe if we all agree to go outside and clap for the XenForo developers at 8pm every Thursday it will give them the encouragement they need to build the app.
Haha :D


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Hello there! I want to buy a forum software, and while I like xenforo, vbulletin offers a native mobile app built by vbulletin with a lifetime license, so I'm hesitant. :rolleyes::unsure::cry:

Thank you for providing useful information in response to the title inquiry.


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With mobile adaptability, push notifications, and PWA, I am fine with how Xenforo works on my devices. I don't even use the PWA much anymore, just Chrome for Android. The only benefit I see to an app is dealing with iOS, where PWA is still not fully implemented (which is an Apple, not Xenforo, limitation, as I understand it).

There are third parties offering apps, which is likely going to be the direction for some time to come. And even a first party app from Xenforo would likely be a paid add-on.

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