the xenForo mobile app created by xenForo, when ?


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Hi ! i plan to purchase a forum software,
i appreciate xenforo but vbulletin has a native mobile app created by vbulletin with licence for life,
so i really hesitate.. :rolleyes::unsure::cry:

thank you to give satisfying information about the title question..


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The suggestion has been made but there are no plans to create a dedicated app.
thank you for the information :)
the day when xenForo make his own app, xenForo will be the Master, but not to day.
so i think to purchase vbulletin because my custemors are using smartphones let me say at 99% of their web time,

but xenForo really looks more IN on PC or MAC :rolleyes:


I‘d honesty rather see a fully fledged API (GraphQL???) and potentially native OAuth or OpenID provider.
That way we can easily have native apps + an infinite potential for amazing addons or service integrations.