The Syndicate Experience

The Syndicate Experience
SyndicateXP is a gaming based community (haven't officially launched) that is primarily based around games like Call of Duty & Diablo / Warcraft. Offering discussion in all things gaming along with game mods some friends and I are developing for those primary games which are soon to be released.​
Installed Extras:
xenFracture skin​
Custom logo​
Rotating Ads​
Trophy page in profile​
+Random Template Edits​
Planned Extras:
Custom version of bd Banking​
Social Groups​
New Homepage​
Let me know what you guys think. This is my first run using xF software (previous IPB user). If you have suggestions or anything please let me know! Still have lots of work to be done on it but wanted some feedback.​
Sweet site man. Everything looks great. I love the xenFracture theme, I was gonna purchase it myself, but I held off... I don't know why lol. Like how everything was planned out before you opened it, as I made the n00b mistake of opening my site, and changing 40,000 things. Love the home-page with all the rotating notice's and things.

Also a good idea for a site, I think you'll do well. I like the logo too, looks cool. Nothing really bad to say about it, but just good luck with everything :).