The StoreFront add-on that went abandoned

Mike Creuzer

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Hey guys,

Got a question. I invested I think a couple hundred in Goodie2Shoe's add-on. I paid some for him to rush the order and also I think the license was $100. The product was never officially released and it currently has quite a few bugs and missing features.

I need someone to finish it, and was wondering if (due to the developer not responding to emails or thread responses) anyone was willing to pick it up and if that was allowed. I feel that it is not allowed, but the way I look at is I was paying for a completed product (and don't get me wrong, I of all people understand bugs, but no updates have been posted). You can't view a product without viewing a bug. Anyone else buy the product and not receive support?

I am not calling anyone out, the plugin has a lot of potential but I need it finished. My only other option is hiring someone to finish it, and a lot of plugin developers want to invest their time in something they can resale or at least release free.


Chris D

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I use the author's original product manager and I am not overly impressed with it.

I will be creating my own at some point (smaller - closer in features to the current one, rather than the abandoned one) but I have no idea when, yet.
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Most likely, you can accomplish updates for yourself, but releasing the add-on is not permitted. That would be copyright infringement.


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There was a natural disaster in that coder's area, so don't hold too much against him.


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I am in such a need to have a storefront mod like IPB Nexus - I would help donate to get the project rolling.

Mike Edge

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I was hosting his dev board for it along with having the most recent copy of some fixes after the live demo went up. I would continue with that, but as said above, I don't think I could release that.