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XF 1.3 The requested thread could not be found


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Today I discovered something very strange.

I just started my forum about 3 weeks ago and have not yet physically removed any thread however I'm now trying to access some threads by URL:

threads/whatever.250 (loads a thread fine)
threads/whatever.265 (loads a thread fine)
threads/whatever.280 (I get error "The requested thread could not be found")

And there are some other thread IDs that are returning this error message which I don't understand how it could be happening if I haven't physically removed any thread and currently I have no moderators, I'm doing the job alone.

Btw my forum statistics says "Threads: 314" however the thread ID of the last thread posted on my forum is 389 o_O and the last before last thread posted has thread ID 386 and when I try to manually access threads 387 and 388 via URL I get "The requested thread could not be found".

What could be happening? Could it be due to the fact that within the last few days I moved some threads leaving a redirection notice that expires in 1 day?

I'm really worried, I don't want to experience data corruption on my database, please help!


P.S.: I don't know if it helps but recently @Waindigo's add-on Discussion Count started to fail in the counting for example a new member registered today only has 3 threads posted however the add-on is reporting 6 threads to be owned by the member but there are only 3! The same is happening for other members for example there is a member with 85 threads however the add-on says 90 threads.


XenForo developer
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Redirections will do it, but thread IDs can be used for any reason. The short version is that they're allocated internally and they're just a unique identifier, nothing more.