The Future of XDA is Xenforo

OSS 117

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They've already upgraded to vB4. Does anyone know what software they may have used to make their promo video?


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Actually they're running vB 3.8.7. Check the source if you don't believe it.
It looks so good too. I doubt they would make the change but it was worth a shot. I like the board it's just that I miss xenforo's alert system. It makes a forum seem more alive.

Anthony Parsons

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If they were smart, they would follow a lot of other big boards to Xenforo for the exact reason it is much easier on DB queries than IPB or VB4.x. Big boards are about cost... and cost dictates you take the better technology that will provide a significant reduction to your overheads. Couple this with the only forum software presently boxed with the latest in HTML and social networking features, and you have a lower cost, addictive resource, that has proven to enhance user posting statistics.


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Wow, did they go live with this style recently? The site used to look a lot better before...
I'm not to keen on the orange icons residing in the tcat areas and other areas throughout they look awfully beveled and taccy. They must have updated/added the new style in the last 24 hours since last time i logged in I was viewing the old style which imo looks better.