Fixed The field 'custom_fields[xxxxxx]' was not recognised.


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Found this little problem

Ive added 2 custom user fields, no problem with that. This problem arises when a user actually fills out the details within these custom fields.

It saves the details, but just puzzling why this error occurs
Custom User Field.jpg

Is this a bug? Or am i just being special?


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I know its already been confirmed, but I've just got this when I've gone to create a temporary account too.

Not all of them do it, only one of them.

I wonder if the presence of brackets has something to do with it?



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Strange, I don't have any outdated templates so at the moment I'm hiding it with

.formValidationInlineError {
display: none !important;


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It was fixed for the regular profile field in beta 3, but I still see this when I edit a user's custom field in the admin panel.


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Confirmed, so I've moved the thread back to bugs.

Mike, this now relates just to the ACP.


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Why am I still getting this?

Just upgraded to 1.1 and filling in the custom field on personal details page works fine, but if I have the custom field enabled for registration page, it gives this exact error as in the first post on this thread.

edit: tested now. when registering, it gives the custom_fieldsx xx was not recognised error, but still saves the info entered in the custom field and it shows up correctly.

why it shows the error?

I can hide the error by having the following on extra.css, but to be honest I'd rather have this fixed some other way..?
.formValidationInlineError {
display: none !important;