The big "to do" list....


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Hey xF'ers :)

Like everyone here, we have been watching xF develop through its stages and are also looking forward to the final 1.0.0 release tomorrow. We have also been running a test site since October and it's clear that our team are completely sold on the software.

Unfortunately, like most big-board owners, we have gathered up certain mods (vB) over the years and it will be difficult, of not impossible for us to simply drop them as part of any conversion process. This means that we won't be jumping on-board the xF "live site" train, when it sets off tomorrow - we'll be watching from the platform, waiting patiently for some of the important (to us) "hacks" or "products" to be developed.

We're not looking for miracles, in fact we really don't have a very long list of requirements at all (please forgive me if some of these are available already):
  • A visible donation system
  • Thread Prefixes (Vital)
  • Moderating stats (not compulsory)
  • DP Position ads
  • Multiple account detection and prevention
  • A definitive solution for our existing vBseo links, so as not to lose any SERPS juice
We also need to find a very capable skin designer who can pretty much match the look and feel (not exactly of course) of our existing site and someone to do the conversion process from start to finish - with pre-live testing and excellent credentials.

We're as excited about the prospect of running xF as you are, it's just that it seems we'll have to temper our enthusiasm for a bit longer and keep an eye on how things develop :D


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We currently use AWCoding's donation system for VB which is great and he did mention he'd be porting his mods across (he's a member on here and has already ported some I believe).

A multiple account detection is already available in the add-ons.


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  • A visible donation system Available (although the donations are automatic you will manually have to confirm and update the plugin totals as you receive donations)
  • Thread Prefixes (Vital)
  • Moderating stats (not compulsory)
  • DP Position ads Available
  • Multiple account detection and prevention Available
  • A definitive solution for our existing vBseo links, so as not to lose any SERPS juice
Your half way there and Final isnt even till tomorrow. :D

Sadik B

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  • A definitive solution for our existing vBseo links, so as not to lose any SERPS juice
This is also available. Check the resources forum for the tool Shadab made which basically creates redirects for VBSeod URLs to default VB urls and then there's Kier's redirection script. So effectively you can get all your existing urls 301-ed to the new xF ones.


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Excellent replies - thanks for taking the time to respond.

@ Von Doom - Could you link me to the DP positional ads for xF?


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Uh-Oh!! Double post :D

So, it seems that a couple of our wishlist items are indeed available:
Now that "full fat" xF is out in the wild, we are really looking forward to seeing the mods develop for larger sites that need them and important if more existing board owners are going to move their houses to xF. The ride has been fun so far , so now we're getting ready for the longer journey ahead (with xF).

Alteran Ancient

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I think some of your list can be split into two categories - "Useful for the masses": features that could go mainstream, or "niche": features that could be satisfied in plugin-form. Here's how I'd categorise a few of them:
  • Donation System - Plugin
  • Thread Prefixes - Mainstream
  • Moderating Statistics - Mainstream
  • Position Ads - Mainstream
  • Multiple Account Detection & Prevention - Mainstream
I had to think carefully about moderating statistics - because it would be down to the forum owner to decide whether which users should see the statistics, if any. The forum should be tallying-up mod statistics anyway. I'm not desperate for any of these features, but some of them would be nice to have.