XF 2.2 Text Color Picker - Anyway to modify this?

Just curious.

Coming from decades of using vBulletin - I'm used to the simple or conventional color choices for changing the color of text.

Like this,


The "colors" available via the text color picker in Xenforo are different than the normal colors like shown above.


So the dumb question - is there a way or an option to have the text color picker work like the old vBulletin color picker?

I like to make my clickable links blue, like this, hexadecimal #0000FF - or coded like this color=blue

2021 SEMA C8 Corvette Wide Body - 3DProducts.com

The available blue colors are close but not the same as the old school, normal looking blue used all across the web for clickable links. Here's the default blue used on this Xenforo support forum.

2021 SEMA C8 Corvette Wide Body - 3DProducts.com

Just curious.

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