Testing template modifications when upgrading XenForo


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When upgrading to a new version of XenForo (particularly a 2nd dot level release where there are potentially quite a few changes, eg 1.5) is there an easy way to identify which template modifications may no longer work as expected?

If the assumptions we've made about the template that is being modified (for our search parameters) no longer hold true due to the changes that were applied by the system upgrade - then our modification will no longer work (which may not always be obvious if the actions of the modification are subtle).

Short of manually examining every template we apply modifications to, to check if it was updated during the upgrade and then examining the details of the updates to see if it affects our modifications - is there any easy way to validate our modifications that I've missed?

Chris D

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The Template Modification list will tell you if there are any modifications that couldn't be applied to a template in a style.


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Awesome - I did miss that detail ... went back over the original HYS thread and it was only mentioned in one brief sentence!

This will save a heap of time - thanks.